I'm With the Band - Part 2

Style editor Eden Dawn reports back on the second week of touring with local band The Helio Sequence including goat smugglers and crashing into The Big Apple.

By Eden Dawn November 21, 2012

After being out on tour with Helio Sequence for more than a week, hitting a new state every day and essentially behaving like a traveling circus every night these are the phrases that I find myself routinely saying:

“What day is it?”
“What state are we in?”
“Will we find tofu when we get there?”
“Does that place have wifi?” 

In addition to losing any sense of time and location, I’ve also begun to refer to any place we stay longer than two hours as home. As in the van, a green room, a hotel I haven’t been to yet, but will.

The only thing to sufficiently snap me out of the tired haze for a lasting moment was crossing the border into Canada this week through Detroit. Bands going into a new country with giant vans need work visas, and usually are searched and it can be quite time consuming. While prepared for that, I was not prepared to be sitting in the border office while the man next to me was severely lectured for being caught smuggling goats into Michigan. What?! While I was straining to hear that conversation, the couple behind me who had tried to drive through the border drunk distracted me. While they were figuring out what to do with them, one half of the intoxicated duo called the officer a name in Spanish that she didn’t expect her to understand (she did and it did not go over well). At that point, we were the least of anyone’s problems and they hustled us out of there to head on to Canada

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