I'm With the Band - The End

Style editor Eden Dawn chronicles the end of a month long tour with The Helio Sequence through photos of the long drive from New England to Portland and her developing fear of the Midwest’s cornfields.

By Eden Dawn November 29, 2012

After a month on the road of sleeping five or six hours a night, driving hundreds of miles every day, Yelping a massive quantity of Asian restaurants, and seeing the country from coast to coast these are the things I’ve learned about myself:

-I could easily write a book for super fans on how to get backstage, or sneak into nearly any music venue.

-Portland is far kinder to vegetarians than the majority of the country.

-My 90s infatuation with Janeane Garofalo is alive and well. When an employee at our Philly show told us she had performed there the night before and talked about being a big Helio Sequence fan on stage, I nearly fainted.

-I’ve begun to know hotels so well; I can wake up in the dark and instantly know the blueprint layout of any room I’m in.

-In Portland I usually skip by Starbucks, but on the road it feels like a little piece of the Northwest hugging you. 

-If I get grumpy from being tired, all anyone has to do is show me a cute picutre of a cat or YouTube video of a bunny falling asleep and I'm back in action.

-Cornfields are absolutely terrifying. Seeing miles and miles of them under a full moon is even more horrifying. How many Freddy Kruger type fiends are hiding in there? We’ll never know….

-Stylistically, I’m pretty proud of Portland fashion. We’re definitely holding our own nationwide and kicking butt in most places.

-Portland is an amazing place to live, and I missed it.



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