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Spotlight on Jack Spade

A look at the barely opened menswear shop that's one of only a handful nation wide.

By Eden Dawn November 12, 2012


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With only nine Jack Spade stores in the country, it’s a testament to Portland’s fondness for quality and functioning menswear pieces that we’re the newest addition to that list.

Jack Spade the brand began back in the late 90’s when Andy Spade, married to a certain Kate Spade (yes, that Kate Spade) wanted to create bags for the fellas that “were neither overly precious nor boring basics.” Using items like waxed cotton and heavy canvas the Spade’s churned out straightforward and functional messenger bags that both looked good and got the job of carrying stuff done. Spade wanted to emphasize the durability of the product over the fashion scene of it, and sold the first bags to a hardware store in1997. By 1999, Jack Spade opened their first store in SoHo with a mix of travel bags, trench coats and general merchandise amongst found furniture, model rockets, vintage Playboys and classic products like Levi's jeans and Timex military watches.

Over time Andy Spade took same aesthetic of his bags and the shop into a full fledged apparel line for men with rugged (but stylish) pieces for every day men from cozy cable knit sweaters to pants and outerwear. The brand customizes each Jack Spade shop to fit the look and feel of the city it lives in. In a nod to our green roots (and perhaps our passive aggressive behavior?) Jack Spade Portland includes a stand of live Venus Fly Traps to put on your windowsill. (You’ll have to make your own “Feed me Seymour” sign.) 

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Jack Spade Portland 
304 NW 11th Avenue 
Portland, OR 97209 
Mon-Sat: 11-7p, Sun: 11-6p

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