The Olsen's $55,000 Backpack

Former child stars that are now designers, the Olsen twins present a ridiculous and astronomically expensive bag.

By Eden Dawn December 5, 2012 Published in the December 2012 issue of Portland Monthly

Just when I was finally beginning to accept the Olsen twins aren’t just the kids from 1980’s sitcom Full House and are, in fact, hugely successful designers with their contemporary chic line, The Row, they had to go and do something like this. Teaming up with eccentric British artist Damien Hirst, the team produced this $55,000 backpack made from Nile crocodiles and embellished with prescription pills.

For that price, I’d expect those pills to be real and the surviving family of the crocodiles to follow you around for life as scaly bodyguards. To quote Joey from Full House, these girls need to “Cut it out.


A way to waste more than the average American makes in a year. 

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