Cellulite Fighting Jeans?

Has our obsession with beauty gone so far that we need to dip our jeans in moisturizer? Yes, yes it has.

By Eden Dawn January 24, 2013

Image courtesy of Vogue

Show us a woman who doesn’t want to ward off cellulite and we’ll show you a liar. But, at what point does the quest for beauty veer off into sheer ridiculousness?

Case in point. The Huffington Post reports that on January 28 Wrangler launches their first line of “Denim Spa” jeans, modeled by Lizzie Jagger, that contain hydrating natural oils and butters ala apricot kernel oil, passion fruit oil, rosehip oil, and shea butter. The denim (which sounds like it would be squishy and smelly) is supposed to actually fight cellulite with its magical infused properties, but here’s the catch. One is to see any benefits from the jeans; you’d have to wear them non-stop round the clock for weeks. Two is the cellulite fighting agents wash out over time and you have to reapply them to your jeans.

We’re all for the latest and greatest thing, but it sounds a little simpler to just keep applying that beauty cream straight out of the shower and let your jeans just be jeans.


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