No More Bargain Hunting?

The beloved biannual sale calls it quits, but there's more to the story.

By Eden Dawn January 8, 2013


Bargain Hunting sale. Photo: Julz Nally

Bargain Hunting, the beloved biannual sale with multiple vendors and rock bottom prices is kaput…sort of. The three producers: Angie Heiney, Julz Nally and Jen Neitzel have decided to move on with their lives and that doesn’t include organizing the hugely popular sale any longer. While that’s newsworthy in itself (good bye chances to get the $30 sample of a $250 dress), this next piece of information is doubly interesting. The women are selling the whole kit and caboodle at a, true to form, bargain price to whomever wants to take over the enterprise.

We will no longer be running the sale, but are interested and willing to sell some of the intellectual properties of this sale and at an affordable price: this would include, our mailing list, our contacts, the business name, the website, all of the information on the site and we’d even advise others on how to run the sale- answering questions and advising along the way and more.

This sale could be a great supplemental income source for anyone, but especially for an artist or business with product, because you can generate income by selling at the sale and you can also receive revenue as a sale organizer, as well. If there’s anyone out there, either a former vendor or shopper who is interested in purchasing all or parts of our intellectual properties, please let us know and then we’ll let you, the public, know what we find out.” 

Since we love a good deal as much as the next person we hope some entrepreneurial Pdx-er picks up the torch. Do it for us.


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