Pendleton's Mega One Day Sale

Pendleton headquarters turns their office into a temporary storefront for one glorious day selling the remains of this seasons' Portland Collection at a mindblowing 70% off.

By Eden Dawn February 13, 2013


For those of you who love all things Pendleton, mark your calendars for Saturday, February 23. It’s just become the new Christmas.

Once a year the Oregon company turns their headquarters into a temporary shop to sell out the stock remains of the Portland Collection at a whopping 70% off. It’s an utter madhouse that requires patience, the ability to be comfortable trying on clothing in a room of strangers, and waiting in a long line. It’s also completely worth it. Last year I scored a Pendleton and Opening Ceremony collaboration dress that was originally several hundred dollars for around $80.

Go early, play nice with others, and enjoy your loot.

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