Project Runway Recap E:03

Three weeks into the season there are some clear winners and clear losers, but where does our Portland designer sit?

By Eden Dawn February 13, 2013

It's week three at the Project Runway clubhouse and the designers are starting to get comfy with each other. This is code for the backbiting is amping up. For this week’s challenge, the poor kids are tasked with participating in the ultimate product placement—doing both PR and campaign outfits for Heidi Klum’s conveniently timed perfume release. 

Immediately I sympathize with the designers as Klum is notoriously opinionated on her fashion (which as a side not seems interesting when you consider how awful some of her outfits are). On the other hand, making it in the fashion world means dealing with exceedingly opinionated clients, so it’s not an unheard of task. 

Heading into the designers interviews a few things feel familiar. Once again, Benjamin tries to sell us on the idea that he totally knows what he’s doing (though I don’t believe it), and guru Daniel’s mustache guides his team with his effortless leadership skills. And, yet again, Cindy picked a fabric that set her off on the wrong foot. Young designers, let me give you some advice: Stay away from Shantung and silk Dupioni. It reads mother-of-the-bride and automatically ages everyone by a minimum of ten years.

Prepping for the runway show, Benjamin goes into an as predicted downward spiral while Cindy magnanimously hops in to help since she’s actually done. Benjamin almost dismisses her but with a killer line delivery of, “You gotta trust baby” she takes over. Words to live by Cindy, words to live by. While that emotional train wreck was wreaking havoc over on the Dream Team, team Keeping it Real was basking in their previous wins with gorgeous gowns from Daniel and the duo of Layana and Kate.

In the end, poor Dream Team got the shaft…again. And team Keeping it Real clawed their way to the top. And though they might be very nice people, they’re a part of all of us who just want to send Benjamin and Cindy home and see how the Dream Team fares without them. Well, that half came true. The judges sent Cindy packing as she sweetly gave thanks in her exit interview and Benjamin remains on very thin ice. Heidi chose Daniele’s très chic jersey and leather halter gown for her press events and top honors went to the youngsters Kate and Layana for their stunning corseted gown to be the main campaign focus.

Next episode looks like the fan favorite/designer hates unconventional materials challenge. Send some good vibes towards our poor Portlander stuck on the NightmareDream Team


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