Project Runway Recap E:04

This week the designers create stunning looks using nothing but items from a florist and a hardware store. How'd they do?

By Eden Dawn February 21, 2013


Four episodes into this season and the producers are keeping things spicy for us. While the idea of the unconventional materials challenge isn’t new, it is the first time the show has mixed two such unusual supply sources.

But before anyone got going on his or her ensembles, we saw a good old-fashioned team shuffle. After some deliberating the oft-losing team Keeping it Real snagged Stanley for his leadership skills and Layana for being young and cool. But before they got any further Dream Team then stole our own Michelle, much to her chagrin, putting her on the winning team, but with Patricia who drove her nuts.

Instantly the choice of Stanley proved wise for team Keeping It Real as he came in and played cool cruise director, giving the team a cohesive concept with 1950’s vintage Dior (swoon), a color scheme and an overall vibe for the team to run with. It was smart and helped all their designers as they went searching for materials. On the other side Dream Team seemed to skip that part (showing that Stanley really was the mastermind?), heading into the buying portion with six different ideas.

I’m always utterly impressed with the innovative ways that the designers in the past have managed to manipulate things from candy shops and pet stores, but this combination of hardware and flowers seems particularly impressive. Between wrestling chicken wire and stringing dahlias, the potential for failure seems high. As the runway show approached I actually felt trepidation for the teams obviously working their tails off.

But my worry was all for not, as it turned into the best runway show of the season, and one of my favorites ever. Team Keeping it Real stunned with their Dior inspired dresses, evoking Parisian chic in their hemlines, silhouettes and embellishments. And while the Dream Team lost their first challenge (making poor Michelle the only designer to never be on a winning team), I thought their collections were also incredibly cool. Michelle and Richards mini-blind/floral combo was beyond fabulous, Patricia’s swinging cape screamed boho chic and though the designers ganged up on Amanda’s shift dress, I thought it was an interesting juxtaposition of materials.

All in all this was a stunning showcase and the choice of Samantha as the winner was difficult. Unfortunately, someone had to go and we lost our crazy cat man Joe due to his unconventional taste on fashion. We loved you Joe, but it’s true women want to look good and not like a football player.

Next week the designers put on their cowgirl boots as they design on outfit for country mega star Miranda Lambert. My spidey senses say fringe will be in our viewing future.




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