Project Runway Recap E:5

This week the designers created ensembles for country superstar Miranda Lambert. Spoiler alert: This means a lot of fringe.

By Eden Dawn February 26, 2013

We’re back for another week of keeping an eye on our Northwest kin and practicing our judgey looks at the rest of the crew. This week the show began with the designers heading straight back onto the runway after the previous challenge to break apart our beloved Dream Team and team Keeping It Real into sets of two.

The kids find out they’re creating both a red carpet ensemble and a performance look for country mega star Miranda Lambert and excitedly head off to find materials. Watching the designers interact in their new teams of two post Mood proves for an interesting insight into their personalities we haven’t seen before. Tu get extra points for being adorable and calling Lambert the “Gaga of country music,” but negative points for attempting to make any woman’s hips look bigger.

At the runway show, we saw a lot of fringe (maybe too much). Crazy Richard blew me away with his mesh, fringe and leather LBD and Stanley made an equally impressive gown with attention to detail at the waist. Equally well done was a simply and elegant gown from Benjamin (surprise #1), and a super cool hand cut jersey fringe dress by Amanda (surprise #2). Michelle was ridden hard for her outfit, particularly the noodle bib necklace (which I equally hated), though the vest was a fabulous singular piece. Kudos to her for not letting the judging get her down though, watching her partner Matthew crumble under the critique was a “I need to hug a puppy” moment for us all.

After all was said and done, the electrified Richard won with his fabulous outfit. Michelle was put on the chopping block with Nina actually questioning if her taste level is up to par (ouch), but in the end, Matthew got his secret wish and went home. Hug a puppy Matthew, and get your groove back.

Next week, all we need to know is Joan Rivers is the guest judge. You know that’s going to be good. 



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