20 First-Rate Photographs

Swanson Studio publishes their third annual 20/2 series with first-rate photos for viewing pleasure.

By Eden Dawn March 13, 2013

Given the amount of talented photographers dwelling in Portland, lazing about waiting for gigs to come in seems an ill-advised maneuver. Swanson Studio might already shoot for incredibly recognizable brands–Adidas, Jantzen, Coca-Cola and Wieden + Kennedy, to name a few–but they don’t believe in resting on their laurels. Instead, each year the group of photogs take on an incredibly ambitious project to produce twenty test shoots of intense caliber in just two months. 

This year’s self-imposed parameters included:

• Three photographers shot five tests apiece, one of which required them to go underwater.
• Each of our three retouchers conceptualized and either directed a shoot, or shot it themselves.
• One shoot was a collaboration between the three photographers.
• And the last shoot, number 20, was a studio-wide collaboration with a focus on community outreach, working with a local organization to tell their story through photos and video.

The result of the arduous ordeal yielded a group of beautiful photos published into an artful book (Full disclosure: I styled the three underwater shoots you see by spending a 12-hour day at the bottom of a pool with a team of people in scuba gear). The slide show includes the photos from this year’s 20/2 series and until the end of the month PNCA hosts a gallery exhibit of the best of all the 20/2 series sports images.

You can learn a little more about the process in their snazzy video.


20/2 VOLUME THREE LAUNCH from Swanson Studio on Vimeo.

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