Brady Lange's Pop Up Party

Local designer Brady Lange moves from the local fashion show circuit to selling pieces in shops and online with Solestruck hosting his debut party this weekend.

By Eden Dawn March 6, 2013


Showing clothes in a fashion show is not the same as creating a production run of items for sale. It’s a big step for a designer to go from their first collections for show to branching out into a full-fledged business. Beginning this weekend, local lad Brady Lange takes his young and hip pieces for men and women out from his successful reputation at local shows to a launch party. West End’s Solestruck hosts one of their famous parties Saturday night to show off Lange’s latest collection and begin carrying the pieces for a limited time. Expect cocktails, new threads, hot people, and MAC Cosmetics on site giving free makeovers to go with your new outfits.

I caught up with Lange to ask him a few questions about his new line.

Eden Dawn: What was the inspiration for this collection?

Brady Lange: The inspiration for this collection came from several places.  My work somehow always plays with contradictions, it shouldn't make sense but somehow it does.  I work with a lot of color but also with a lot of black.  I like to refer to my aesthetic as "the happy side of black".  So for this collection I really wanted to stay true to myself which means basically making clothes that are fun, easy and more importantly things that I want to wear.  I was pulling inspiration from early 90's Drew Barrymore and Jared Leto (specifically their hair) to summertime retirement.  I was also listening to a lot of 80's metal and early 2000's pop.  There is a lot rattling up in my brain and it works it's way out through a sewing machine.  When I finished, I put everything up together and thought, "It's like some Goth grandparents moved to Florida to retire, decided to start wearing color and this is what they are wearing, I love it."

E.D: You have a fashion degree, worked with Adam Arnold for years and assist with jewelry design. Do you think that combination of experiences plays out in your work or do you view them all separately?

B.L: I think it definitely plays out in my work.  In school I got the basic skills but from working and observing I have learned a lot of tricks and trades and definitely put those skills altogether into my work.  I think if I only focused on representing one aspect of my fashion skill consciousness, my work would be boring and flat.  But taking a little bit from all my experiences and putting that collective knowledge into what I design and make makes it so much more lively and interesting.

E.D: Is this a one off project or the start of something more?

B.L: You don't put this much time, energy and work into something for it to be a one-time thing.  So yes, at least hopefully it will be the start of something more for me.  My website will be launching the day after the party and that is exciting for me to think that people will be able to purchase my items online.  I don't know what the future holds, but it's lookin' pretty all right.

E.D: What made you choose Solestruck for the launch of the Brady Lange collection?

B.L: The Solestruck family has always been great to me and we've worked together in the past on projects and it evolved naturally.  I don't know if I'd say, "I chose them, or they chose me" the collaboration just fell together.  I'm really excited to be launching at Solestruck, I think it’s a good fit. 

E.D: What could a shopper expect out of your party Saturday night?

B.L:  I will be selling a limited amount of size runs of men's and women's pieces both at Solestruck and on my website www.bradylange.com which will be launching on Sunday the 10th.

More than anything, shoppers can expect to have a really fun time.  My goal with my clothes is and has always been to make people happy so that is what I plan to do.  Come have a beer, buy some cute clothes and rad shoes.  Oh and the first twenty people get a free Brady Lange scrunchie, that's right, I'm bringing back the scrunchie.

What: Brady Lange Pop Up Party
Where: Solestruck 417 SW 13th 
When: Sat March 9, 7–10pm
Details: Facebook Event


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