Project Runway Recap E:6

The judges threw the designers a curve ball this week by handing them a handful of sassy models over 60.

By Eden Dawn March 6, 2013


This week the designers walked into a sassy trap when they entered a dance studio in New York City. The teams were aligned with their mature models who gave good TV with their one-liners advocating for promiscuity and giggling all the while. 

Most of the teams seemed off to a good start during Tim Gunn’s initial run through, that is, until he visited the newly formed threesome of Michelle, Layana, and Patricia. Michelle obviously likes Patricia about as much as women like someone to comment on their weight/age/wrinkles (And in an interview with her this week she swore to me the show is not showing all the things Patricia was doing to stir the pot. We believe her). Tim was into Michelle and Layana’s pieces, but deemed Patricia’s poncho (mental note: check if that’s a band name) a train wreck. And as things go in team challenges, if she goes down, Michelle could be up for elimination, yet again. 

As soon as the runway show ended, Heidi gave Michelle and Layana some bittersweet validation. Their respective designs received the top scores of the whole bunch, but because of Patricia’s problems they only received a passing score. It stunk.

For the designers still in the running there was a whole lotta critiquing going on. And too, too many guest judges. All we needed was Joan Rivers on that stage, anything else was just superfluous.

Stanley won with his super chic jumpsuit and bolero jacket that made his model look ridiculously hot. Despite Amanda’s tragic ensemble, they sent Benjamin home who had been hovering in the bottom for weeks minus his one stellar navy dress. 

Next week the crew must make outfits using duck tape, and I have an inkling Michelle is going to rock that one. We’ll find out for sure on Thursday.



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