Project Runway Recap E:7

As if making garments in five hours wasn't difficult enough, this week the judges forces the designers to make their ensembles entirely out of duct tape.

By Eden Dawn March 13, 2013

This week we tuned in to a game change up on the ol’ Runway set. The designers were still working in teams, but this time around, BFF’s Michelle and Amanda paired up while the other duos tried to have as much fun (Daniel and Richard came close). One thing became readily apparent and that’s that Princess Kate hates all the girls left on the show and seemed to only love sweet Tu for her ability to push him around.

The designers received their weird weekly challenge via a little duck, finding out they would make prom dresses in just five hours made from duct tape. Say what? If that wasn’t difficult enough, the crew had to head to a high school to be judged by teenagers which might be the most frightening idea of all. 

This challenge proved for some incredibly entertaining moments. Kate’s claws continued to come out repeatedly (and resolutely) saying, “At my prom” while bashing Tu over the head with her ideas of a denim duct mermaid gown. The kooky duo of Daniel and Richard hoarded all of the gold tape to make my dream dress from 1988 (that I wouldn’t be caught dead in now), while over in the corner Michelle was using her math geek skills to properly draft large-scale tessellations. But the winning quote goes to matter-of-fact Stanley who summed up the prom dress high school exhibition with this nugget, “Girls are very opinionated. They talk…a lot.” Words of wisdom Stanley.

On the runway, the best mini-cat fight ever went down with Zac Posen challenging Nina who says long prom dresses are so old fashioned. Nina, we love you, but we have to go with Zac on this one. Some girls want to rock the full-length gown whether you like it or not. Once they got over that hump they went after Tu and Kate for having the frumpy sad gown, though ironically, they were the youngest two designers and closest to prom age. After some thought Heidi did a surprise double whammy sending both Tu and Kate home, the former for being bulldozed and the latter for bulldozing with bad taste.

The silver lining though was Michelle’s math skills paid off and our local gal went from swimming in the bottom of the barrel to her first win. Congrats Michelle, you deserve it. And the lesson for the week: Stay in school kids.

Tune in for next week’s challenge that can be summed up in just two words: Male Strippers.


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