Project Runway Recap E:8

The designers design tear away clothing for male "dancers." Seriously.

By Eden Dawn March 20, 2013


This week’s episode was just a hot mess. Hot for the male “dancers”, and mess for all the outfits on the runway. In some ways, it was inevitable. In others, a travesty. Basically, it boils down to this: Menswear, although appearing to be simple, is quite difficult to make well. Unlike womenswear, there’s no hiding construction with ruffles or drapey knits. Menswear is about precise tailoring methods and a perfect fit. A skill, sadly, many designers never quite master. Or in this case, had ever tackled.

The challenge began with the judges committing an act of sabotage by splitting the remaining designers into two teams based on their own opinions (read: interesting subplot). That resulted in Team Shades of Grey (Daniel, Patricia, Michelle and Stanley) and Team Slick & Hip (Richard, Layana, Samantha and Amanda). Can we get a team name consultant on the show please?

The crews got to “work” creating tear away clothing for Australian hunks Thunder Down Under and their semi-nude review. While Team Slick & Hip’s pants were so tight they popped open by themselves on the runway (perhaps a good thing for a stripper?), Team Shades of Gray was only half a sliver above with literally some of the worst looks altogether I’ve seen in 11 seasons of this show. It was both comical and difficult to watch.

The judges felt the same way because no winner was crowned and the shameful looks were in overdrive. Pretty little Amanda Valentine got the boot and the number of remaining designers continues to dwindle while our gal hangs on strong.

Nest week: See the Lord & Taylor challenge which should be a classy palette cleanser after this rough and tumble business. 


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