Couve Couture Video

See the video highlights from Saturday's Vancouver based fashion bash.

By Eden Dawn April 17, 2013

Saturday’s Vancouver centric fashion show was admittedly the first time I’ve been to Vancouver in at least six years. The Couve Couture fashion show had come up in enough conversations I felt it was worth the bridge trip and I was right. In its second time around the show featured an incredibly packed house with excited attendees (including a seriously raucous group of middle aged women next to me that for once made me feel quiet), noshing on treats and sipping champagne in their best dressed. 

Once the show kicked off viewers caught some highlights from the ol’ showstoppers of Seth Aaron and Bryce Black, as well as chic career wear from up and coming designer Cathy Rae. Each participating designer had at least one strong statement piece leaving the crowd with an idea of who they were.

In my typical teacher mode if I could give one bit of advice (as someone who attends shows for a living) the outfits needed to come out at a quicker pace, and as much as a cute wrap skirt is nice for some, seeing it in thirty slightly different color ways started to wear on the crowds enthusiasm (and my patience). But, all around, if I don’t make it to “The Couve” for another six years, this was a good note to end on.

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