Project Runway Recap E:10

This week the designers created crazy cool avant-garde and ready to wear looks inspired by modern art from the Guggenheim.

By Eden Dawn April 1, 2013

This season keeps cruising by at a lightening fast pace and we’re down to just six designers. Keeping us ever on our toes, the teams were reassigned into a reasonable grouping of Stanley and Michelle, Richard and Patricia, and Daniel and Layana before they headed off to the Guggenheim to find inspiration for creating their own textiles.

Once their textiles were back from the printer, the drama began. Layana once again comes off as a less than hospitable partner, continuously steamrolling her partners and just being a little bratty. Richard’s kookiness doesn’t work well with Patricia’s kookiness and the toxic combination turned into a bust. On the other hand, Stanley and Michelle got on famously and from minute one were rolling with their madness idea and showing how two different aesthetics can balance each other out.

This week’s guest judge was the adorable Tracy Reese (read my interview with Reese when she was in Portland last) and she, along with everyone else, could not fawn all over Stanley and Michelle’s looks more. Everything about it from the quirky print to the impressive execution was spot on.

Over on the nightmare side, Patricia nailed an impressive avant-garde look in comparison to Richard’s ho hum 60’s dress with no connection. Then began the second round of Layana temper tantrums. After she tried to take credit for both her avant-garde look and wanted props for Daniel’s look (which she barely gave him fabric for), she had an emotional break down accusing him of betrayal. I understand everyone is tired and this far into the game tears are inevitable, but I just couldn't get behind those faux crocodile tears. 

In a surprise to no one, Stanley and Michelle won with the prize money going to the uber talented Stanley. Patricia and Richard landed on the losing side and after a fourth time in the bottom, Richard finally went home. The time had come, but I’ll sort of miss his sass.

Next week the final five tackle looks by themselves. Thank the heavens; let’s see what happens with that.


P.S.  Was Rachel Roy wearing a jumper over a turtleneck? I personally don’t endorse ensemble combinations that I also wore for school picture day.


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