Project Runway Recap: E11

Working on editorial looks for a Marie Claire challenge proved a difficult task for the remaining designers.

By Eden Dawn April 11, 2013

Finally, after weeks of team challenges, in fighting, tears and triumphs, the designers got the chance to create looks on their own this week. Handed down a challenge straight from the great Garcia herself, the crew set off to create editorial looks to be featured in the May issue of Marie Claire magazine. Editorial looks pose a different challenge than day-to-day wardrobe. We magazine folk look for things that are interesting and unusual in some way, but not so far gone they’re alienating. They also have to look good from all angles, as well as cropped in tight or head to toe since you never know what your layout will end up being.

With that in mind the crew got their materials and then found out they we’re getting kicked off designers to assist them in their tasks. That’s always a precarious situation. You either get really lucky like Michelle and get to see your BFF again, or you're like poor Tu who was relentlessly hammered and abused by Stanley who seemed to forget he was human, or you get a Patricia/Richard situation which is similar to being paired with an ex you hoped to never see again.

At the end of all the awkwardness, what did we get? Stanley’s abuse over Tu paid off (in a reinforcement of bad behavior) and his killer jacket and culottes combo won the prize. Daniel’s crazy sports suit hurt my eyes, and Layana’s armored top impressed (though the skirt lagged). In a what-the-hell moment, the judges decided to punish Michelle for not listening well to Nina about a tee and pant combo (though, for the record that was an incredibly cool tee and pant combo) and let Patricia stay with her train wreck of a craft project dress. Michelle’s on the chopping block with one more chance in a good old 1980’s sitcom “To be continued” moment.

What will happen? We don’t know. But they’d be pretty foolish to kick off one of the top reigning champs for making a great outfit that just potentially wouldn’t make a great picture crop. We’ll all tune in tonight to see what happens.


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