Project Runway Recap E:13

The final four show their NYFW collections to the judges in a preview and only three get to continue to the main stage.

By Eden Dawn April 25, 2013

As we head into tonight’s finale, let’s look back at last week’s action.

The Tim Gunn home visits of the season, are hands down my favorite filler. Whether it’s watching him hang in Portland or visit a tiny spot in New Mexico, it’s just entertaining. (Read my interview with Gunn from his last visit to Portland here.) It’s also a good gauge of how the collections are going for the designers and by the time they got to their mini previews in New York, things turned out as I suspected. 

Let’s break it down.

Patricia: Patricia has never had, nor will, a shortage of ideas. Her incorporation of horsehair on the black poncho with leather pants was a beautiful look that was both fashion forward while still true to the roots she draws from. However, the problem with Patricia is cohesiveness and editing. That blue sequin dress in itself was cool, but didn’t look to be part of the same collection. 

Stanley: His greatest strengths are his greatest weaknesses. Stanley’s level of refined taste, his appreciation of vintage fashion, and attention to immaculate construction make him an impressive craftsman. But if he wants to try to win this thing, he’ll need to update those looks from ladies who lunch, to ladies who live in the now.

Daniel: The sad day to say goodbye to Daniel’s magical moustache finally arrived. Daniel’s inconsistency isn’t unusual on this show. While he started very strong when the esteem and energy were running high, he eventually let the nerves get to him and made the cardinal sin of a “playing it safe” collection. That’ll get you sent home from fashion week every time. 

Michelle: Though it may appear biased, Michelle is certainly in the front-runner position to take the whole cake. (See what all the past Portland Project Runway designers are up to in my May issue “Where Are They Now?” piece.) She was smart from the get go in finding a strong concept she believed in and carrying it throughout her line in a variety of textiles, colors, and textures (Yay for using knitwear!). It’s my favorite pieces I’ve seen from her in the past two years, and I can’t wait to see the rest.

For those of you who are Michelle fans you can support our hometown gal by picking up one of the new pieces she just stocked at Garnish boutique. The Trapeze Racer dress and the Feather & Leather dress are now available in very limited quantities at the Pearl District location. She will also be the MC and host of a Project Runway finale viewing party tonight, April 25th at Portland’s McMenamins Backstage Bar on SE Hawthorne Street starting at 9:00pm, including Michelle giving away some of her own pieces and jewelry from Anne Bocci. The event is free and open to the public (must be over 21).


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