Reveille: Relocated & Reinspired

The former NW 23rd boutique moves to the chic Blackbox building stocking lines for the customer seeking quality over quantity.

By Alex Gamez April 24, 2013

Jupiter Dephy at the new Reveille

In the past two years, Black Box—that androgynously chic little building on West Burnside—has drawn a certain breed of Portlander. If you’re the type to prioritize thread count and durability over sweat shop knock offs, then you know what I’m talking about. Here, style is as much about function as it is about expressing a personal aesthetic.

As of late, Reveille has joined the Black Box community. Reveille— a NW 23rd Avenue-brick and-mortar transplant that was founded by Oregonian natives Jess and Camille Carson—has offered Portland a curated, practical mix of designer and heritage (vintage) wears for men and women. Now under the directorship of Jupiter Delphy, the move to the Box is emblematic of the changes afoot in shop.

Offering up modernists like Alice by Temperley and Opening Ceremony, plus heritage pieces whose monikers fall under specific decades of American history, Reveille’s presence among Tanner Goods and Francis May is like a chapter in a Stieg Larsson novel—it just fits.

But make no mistake—Reveille, says Delphy, stands on its own by offering patrons a sartorial edge. Delphy aims to inspire an evolution of dress; inviting his customers to try their hand at different blends, cuts, and styles. “I want to challenge people to try new silhouettes, question masculinity or femininity, and to take a closer look at fit and tailoring,” says Delphy. “I have no interest in playing it safe. It bores me. I want patrons to leave our store with that feeling that they’ve found their new trophy piece.”

Moving forward, Reveille has turned its focus toward suiting and custom pieces from foreign designers. Delphy describes a particular denim brand that he’s recently picked up—a Swedish company called Indigofera. “They explore how broad denim textiles are. [They have] a super slubby jean they nickname the ‘hairy bastard’. That’s really what I look for in new lines: craft and innovation; designers that can recognize a trend and challenge it,” explains Delphy.

You can find Reveille’s new location at 1306 West Burnside.


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