City Baby Features Fashion

Local film City Baby dresses its characters in cool threads from Portland designers and boutiques.

By Eden Dawn May 22, 2013

When Cora Benesh and her fiancé David Morgan set out to write/direct/star/produce a film about Portland, they knew it had to be all inclusive. Not only is City Baby shot here, full of Portland regulars, and sound tracked by our coolest bands, it’s also a love letter to Pdx fashion. Benesh, a long time Portland model we’ve regularly featured (who plays the starring role of the too hot girl with the jack ass boyfriend) says, “Not only was it important to us to showcase and feature local musicians but we also worked to incorporate the local fashion scene and designers. Having worked in the industry for a number of years I collaborated with the Costume Designer Monika Schmidt in reaching into the community to pull clothes. We ended up using pieces from these locals: Jayme Hansen, Luxury Jones, Janeane Marie, Lindsey Reif, Heather Treadway, Isaac Hers, Stone & Honey, Sahlia Spaan, and Earheart designs.” 

While many folks have made shows and films about Portland, Benesh and Morgan staying true to our aesthetic means this is a film that actually looks like Portland. And we like that. 

See the movie for yourself at this week’s big screen premiere Thursday night at Cinema 21. For more information, see the Facebook event page.


CITY BABY Trailer from David Morgan on Vimeo.

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