Open Season: Immaculate Martin Finale

The last night of this year's Open Season involved a secret collaboration with two of our city's top designers.

By Eden Dawn May 21, 2013

It’s true that the fashion industry can occasionally take itself a tad too seriously. The finale of Open Season was anything but.

Operating under the name Immaculate Martin, two of Portland’s ling running, exceedingly talented designers­–Adam Arnold and Elizabeth Dye–created a fantastic collection of women’s wear combining their aesthetics for something entirely new. The show began with the designers in sort of Cyrano de Bergerac prancing the runway before a magical man in a black unitard did a gleeful ribbon dance. If that wasn’t enough to have everyone thoroughly entertained the kitten mask adorned models came out in cool, modern clothing that was expertly finished with the combination of Dye’s high-end bridal skills and Arnold’s tailoring experience. 

Though the combination was seemingly meant to be one night of tongue in cheek fun, the collection was easily thrilling enough for us to say, “Immaculate Martin, we want you to stick around.”


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