Portland Sewing's Fashion Forward Show

This weekend Portland Sewing hosts its annual Fashion Forward runway show with a slew of young designers.

By Eden Dawn May 8, 2013


 This Saturday ushers in this third annual Fashion Forward show from Portland Sewing. The annual event features near graduates from the school’s design programs that’s focused on teaching indie designers to create for themselves. The stylish event features both the tried and true and a new crop of designers. Meet the team below and head on out to the show this weekend to support our local newbies.  

Heidi Bergin - Adelheid Bergin.  Dress the part, love the dress

 "My customer is an industrious woman who needs the right garment for any one of her career related occasions. She faces a trade-off between stylish and appropriateness, a choice my line, AB, does not ask of her.” 


Joshua Buck - Chicago Harper.  Tradition updated.  Engineered for fit.  Detailed fearlessly.

Buck has spent most of his life studying art.  From childhood, he has painted, sculpted, made prints and collages.  His menswear reflects artistic qualities in its fit and details.

 He sells his clothes through Radish Underground.


 Caitlin McCall - Quick Study.  Be a quick study.  Dress appropriately.

Portland native McCall spent three years in Europe working freelance for apparel companies and riding a rusty bike between odd jobs. “I want my designs to enable average women to get on bicycles.” McCall says.  She makes her garments from upcycled materials and performance textiles



 Lisha Xie

Xie of Inner Mongolia, China, brings a tribal influence straight from the steppes into her lines, colors, fabrics and details.  She aims to combine the modesty of the East with the modernity of the West.  “I’d like to present the every day classics accented by the cultural beauty of Mongolia; the easy chic tinted with a sense of earthiness that can embody elegance and distinctive style.”

      “I believe in less as more,” she says, “a combination of effortless yet colorful fabrics detailed with stylistic trims to give a modern interpretation of a new minimalism.”


Lane Hunter for FACET

After spending time in the Bay area, Portland native Lane Hunter returned to perform with the BodyVox Dance company.  He says his line is a “clarion call in the ‘Men’s Liberation Movement,’ freeing males to enjoy clothing according to their whim -- independent of archaic formalities and fears.

      “I encourage curiosity and exploration -- in dress and life -- for all people in an effort to establish a kinder and more colorful world.” He chose the name “Facet” because it is prism through which light travels and separates into brilliant colors.   

 Lisa Silveira for Wandering MuseElegance in simplicity. Luxury in comfort. Life is beautiful.  Enjoy it with style.

One of Silveira's greatest loves is travel, from which she draws her inspiration.  She interned with a fashion designer in Florence, Italy. It was here she developed her passion for Italian fashion, knitwear and textiles.

She also studied silk painting, batik, jewelry design, oil painting, and the ways of Italian fashion and “La Bella Figura”, a way of life emphasizing beauty, good image, aesthetics and proper behavior.  Silveira was chosen audience favorite at last year's Fashion Forward show. Her line of Italian inspired knitwear sells in four Portland-area boutiques.

Saturday May 11, 7:30pm
$20 Advanced Tickets (www.portlandsewing.com)

White Horse Studios, 3747 NE Sandy 


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