Tiffany's Meets Great Gatsby

The jewelry institution designs Jazz Age baubles for the new Gatsby remake.

By Eden Dawn May 14, 2013

Talk of The Great Gatsby remake by Baz Lurhmann (and its assumed greatness) has swirled around the fashion world for months now, taunting us with sexy previews, stunning costumes, and glittery jewelry. Now that the wait is over and Gatsby (and Leo) are finally gracing the big screens, we can get a better look at the glory of the Jazz Age ensembles.

And for anything to do with the 1920s, it’s all about the jewelry.

For the film itself, Tiffany & Co designed one-of-a-kind pieces to adorn the characters. In conjunction with the release, they’ve put the new Gatsby items on display in their flagship, 5th Avenue store in Manhattan, and released a special group inspired by the film entitled The Ziegfeld Collection.

In a happenstance of luck and timing, I was in NYC last weekend on the opening day of the film and went to Tiffany’s upon gracious invitation to view the pieces and go beyond the secret doors and into Tiffany’s workspace. There, sixteen craftsman spend hours laboring over the specialty pieces, hand wiring the settings and painstakingly setting each diamond under microscope. And all that was before I went into a magical special salon (complete with a martini bar) reserved for their top customers where they proceeded to place 6 MILLION dollars of diamonds on me. Go ahead and mark that down as the ultimate princess moment of my entire lifetime.

What doesn’t cost millions is the vintage inspired Ziegfeld collection. With its detailed engraved pieces, layered pearls and onyx pops (plus the Tiffany brand name), you’d expect to pay far more for the pieces with offerings of rings, necklaces, cufflinks and earrings—all managing to check in around $400. Tour through our slide show to see the shiny new pieces, displays, and the secret workshop few ever have the pleasure of visiting.

Oh, and if you’ve been hiding under a pop culture rock as of late, here’s the preview of Leo looking gorgeous, the movie for you.

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