Dracula in Dior

A new book poses the question: If the Devil Can Wear Prada, Shouldn't Dracula Wear Dior?

By Eden Dawn June 12, 2013


In today’s “Have You Ever Wondered?” spotlight, we’re giggling over the question, If the Devil Can Wear Prada, Shouldn't Dracula Wear Dior?

The answer appears to be yes, and with the help of Scarlett Stoker's new eBook, Dracula in Dior, (the first ever style guide for vampires, undead obsessives and Twilight and True Blood fans), you can assist the bloodsuckers with their style choices. Stoker says they already have a leg (tooth?) up in the world by having two things we all want–Eternal life and eternal thinness. But the problem is while their books sell millions and their movies and TV shows are hits, but when it comes to style, too many are still dressing like the Count from Sesame Street. )

"It's time for older vampires to abandon the clichés and younger vamps to ditch the hoodies and torn jeans," says Stoker, creator of the funny and vampy blog "Vampires need to embrace the runway and start killing in fashion."

"A wise human once said that good clothes open all doors," explains Stoker. "And if you're a vampire, beyond those doors are a lot of necks. The devil wears Prada because it works for him. Shouldn't Dracula and his cohorts do their jobs in Dior? And Marc Jacobs and Gucci and Donna Karan."

The book combines the twin passion of millions - fashion and vampires - and outlines tips for vampires like:

  • Why they need to ditch those boring capes and corsets and wear designer.
  • How jewelry is a vampire's best friend for hiding those annoying dinner bloodstains. Just ask Michelle Obama.
  • Why Martha Stewart should be the role model of every undead housewife.

Dracula in Dior is the ultimate A-Z for fashionistas and the undead, either freshly turned or those approaching their 1000th birthday. Order an eBook for just $1.99 on Amazon.


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