Men's Warehouse Can't Guarantee It

After four decades of giving raspy voiced delight to the mid-day television masses, Men's Warehouse fires George Zimmer.

By Eden Dawn June 26, 2013

Alright, Men’s Wearhouse may not be at the cusp of hot fashion, but if you want to talk brand recognition, this is it. Since 1974, President and founder George Zimmer has held court at the top of company using his raspy voice to utter his iconic trademark at the end of each commercial for the specialty store’s empire of men’s suits.

Last week that ended.

The board of directors for the company claimed Zimmer was trying to maintain too much power (and perhaps implied they need to update their branding) issuing a statement saying, "Mr. Zimmer presented the Board with the choice of either a) continuing to support our CEO and the management team on the successful path they had been taking, or b) effectively re-instating Mr. Zimmer as the sole decision maker."

That ultimatum led to Zimmer’s firing and the end of an era of irritating but effective commercials (look out Tom Shane!). But, regardless of what they do next, most of us will always think of Zimmer when we think of Men’s Warehouse for all the years to come.

I guarantee it.

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