Custom Hair Color for $20

Brave enough to dip into home hair coloring? An online site creates custom dye for just you.

By Eden Dawn July 9, 2013

Let’s be honest: 90% of us should never mess with at home hair coloring. There’s a reason hair stylists go to school for months to learn about the mixing of chemicals, over processed hair, and what looks good on people. However, despite all of that, many women have been tempted and succumbed to the idea we could just do it ourselves (guilty hand raised). Sometimes it’s a disaster, and sometimes it actually turns out pretty well. If you’re one of the chosen few that can pull off at home hair coloring, or your wallet tells you that is the only option for those roots, take a look at eSalon

The online site doesn’t just offer typical drugstore boxed color, but actually guides you through a series of questions regarding your hair, skin color, eye color, amount of gray, etc. They then give you a suggested range of colors to just from and once you do, custom make the solution just for you. The individual batch color comes to your house along with everything you need to do the job and a consultation with one of their professional colorists where you can even send your photo and ask questions about the best way to tackle the job. And the whole kit and caboodle is a measly $20.

To click around and find out your suggested color range (for free), visit


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