Tanner Goods "Worth Holding Onto" Video

Local leather line Tanner Goods shows the story of a bag's history and future in this fun split screen short film.

By Eden Dawn July 5, 2013

Worth Holding Onto - Short No. 001 from Tanner Goods on Vimeo.

Local leather company Tanner Goods wants you to understand that bag you snatched up has a lot of life in it. In their short film, "Worth Holding Onto," the company split screens the happy buyer cruising about town with his new backpack against the process of the bag being locally made by members of our community. 

Their statement:

Sometimes the journey is the payoff. We make and create, always working towards the final product, and then when we’re done, we start on something new. But what comes next is often determined by what we see and stumble upon along the way. With this video series we set out both to document how we create and to give a glimpse into the life of our products in the world.

Short No 001 begins with two interconnected processes: the design and construction of our Wildnerness Rucksack, and the origin of a simple adventure. Often, the destination isn’t as important as the simple joy of the preparation and the setting out. What awaits is unknown, but with a collection of trusted essentials close at hand discoveries are certain, and time spent exploring is the best sort of time. Here’s to the journey.


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