Tile: The World's Largest Lost and Found

This tiny bluetooth connected device will end your days of searching for lost items.

By Eden Dawn August 7, 2013

Down the last of your coffee, pat the cat on the head as you grab your bag and head for the door to head to work, and then reach for your keys. Except, they’re not on the table where they should be, and thus begins the unexpected morning game of hide and seek that inevitably leads to you being late and grumpy as you finally find them inexplicably lying underneath a couch cushion.

If that scenario (or one incredibly similar) sounds familiar to you, Tile might change your life. The new product just broke the record for a crowd funding campaign raising 2.68 million (their original goal was a mere $20,000) for their small, Bluetooth-connected devices that allow you to track down items on your phone. In addition to tracking items within 150 feet, you can hunt down items at large by utilizing other Tile users so if they walk past your keys left at a pub or stolen bike you can get a notice sent to your phone with the GPS coordinates.

Sound pretty handy? Check out the full how to video below and pre-order yours for under $20. 

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