Wildfang Brings in Mega Celebs

New tomboy boutique Wildfang releases their first line of in house shirts with major celeb backing like musician Sara Bareilles and Olympic athlete turned model Casey Legler.

By Eden Dawn August 22, 2013

In our June issue we discussed the meteoric rise of new tomboy boutique Wildfang and its continued conquering of cool. Since then the baby brand has just opened their first retail location (and new headquarters) at 1230 SE Grand Ave, designed their first line of in house button ups in collaboration with Canadian brand Peau de Loup, and marked it by kicking off a huge celebrity campaign filled with tomboy fans called Show Us Your Wildfang.

“Show Us Your Wildfang allows you to tell the world exactly what kind of Wildfang you are and at the same time be a part of something bigger,” says Emma Mcllroy, Wildfang’s CEO. “When you Show Us Your Wildfang,  you show us your ‘snarl’ and fill in the blank: I am a ___________ Wildfang. It allows us to showcase the diversity and range of the modern tomboy, while celebrating the culture and attitude we share in common.”

The group of women they gathered together is highly impressive for a major company, let alone a newbie local line in its first year. Tastemakers in the fashion, music, and television world have all been getting their 'fang on including mega musician Sara Bareilles, Elvis heir Riley Keough, and Olympic athlete turned elite model Casey Legler.

“When I first heard of Wildfang I felt like Goldilocks discovering a better fitting bed or Hansel picking up crumbs on his way home,” said Casey Legler, menswear model for Ford Models. “What does Wildfang mean to me? Well, a Wildfang can be as dreamy as a Unicorn and as ferocious as a Wolverine,” explains Legler. “I will totally roll with you and celebrate you doing your thing because we’re all different. But the second you start trying to tell me how I should feel, or what I should look like, I will rally and kick your ass. That’s a Wildfang."

See all the campaign images (and pick up one of the perfect-for-everyday button ups) at


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