Capsule's Contemporary Keepsake Urns

A Vancouver company creates customized cremation vessels with special color combinations, exotic materials, and laser engraving.

By Tuck Woodstock November 25, 2013

Images courtesy of Capsule Urn

What to buy that proverbial person who has everything? How about a precision-crafted, laser-engraved, custom-colored cremation urn?

Formed on the premise "that design, authentic materials, and American manufacturing will provide true meaning to today's discerning consumer," Capsule's team of award-winning industrial designers appeals to the iPhone generation with sleek designs and modern sensibilities. If Jonathan Ive was into death, his designs would look like these. 

Capsule offers premium urns for $1300-1800, and miniature keepsake and pet urns for a mere $100-300—think of the latter as the iPod nano. Like iPods, Capsule's urns may be enhanced with unique personalization options, including laser engravings, exotic materials, and special color combos. The vessels are made with aluminum and finished with a variety of glossy options like black, chrome, burgundy, and bourdeaux.

Based just across the river in Vancouver, Washington, Capsule markets its urns to a global audience while remaining proudly American-made. Facing cryptic product names like C-5050 and P-4, you'll need to browse the online catalog to get a good sense of what's available. Rest assured, however, that you've found the perfect holiday gift for anyone who hoping to spend the afterlife encased in a design statement. 


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