Open Season's First Night Brings Textile Wonders

The first night of the three-day fashion extravaganza celebrated print and texture galore.

By Eden Dawn May 13, 2014

In a world as fickle as fashion, there are few things you can rely on. Open Season being a kick-ass fashion show is one of them.

For the tenth year in a row, the show brought the goods with a casual opening night on the patio of the Doug Fir with designers Alexa Stark and Chiyo Takahashi for Crazy Wind.

Takahasi was up first with her gorgeous traditional Japanese textiles, called kasuri. These blue-and-white wonders, made by a 100-year-old family-operated manufacturing house in Japan, transformed every day silhouettes. I predict that Takahasi's headwraps, pants and tops, plus the textured knits she used, will be the summer staple of Portland’s “It Girls.”

After Crazy Wind, Alexa Stark continued the fabric-treatment frenzy with her signature ruffling and shredded details turning simple shapes into statement pieces. By taking her modern tendencies and coupling them with texture such as her exposed seam denim suit, Stark impressively turns minimalism on its head.



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