The Irvington Home Tour Opens Up Portland's Largest Historic Neighborhood

The leafy bastion in Northeast Portland showcases some of the city's finest classic residential architecture.

By Zach Dundas May 13, 2014

Irvington, a big chunk of Northeast Portland enshrined as one of the city's National Historic Districts, features a gorgeous gallery of early 20th Century architectural styles. The neighborhood's notably English character—Tudors and various neo-Victorian notes abound—is punctuated by eclectic touches of Mediterranean, modernist, and classic Portland bungalow design. (The neighborhood is also traditionally home to a notable number of local writers and politicians.)

This coming weekend's Irvington Home Tour—the city's longest-running example of this most genteel (and entertaining) form of voyeurism—explores a number of the neighborhood's most striking and historically significant properties. It's a rare opportunity to see inside a district that does as much as any to define Portland's leafy, walkable, communitarian residential ideal. It's a ticketed event, so book your place on this excursion into a few of the city's classic homes.


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