A Day in the Life of Wildfang's Emma McIlroy

See what it's like to live a whirlwind day as the CEO of the country's hottest clothing company for tomboys.

By Eden Dawn June 19, 2014

In just over a year, Wildfang cofounders Emma McIlroy and Julia Parsley have taken their idea of tomboy style from counter culture to phenomenon—but it hasn’t been easy. Despite their celeb clientele and media success, the gang is still a small start-up hustling all day long, every day to make sure the growth of Year One can continue through the years to come.

We asked McIlroy to chart out 24 hours of her whirlwind existence to launch our new “A Day in the Life” blog series here on Lookbook. Flip through the slide show for an insider glimpse at what makes Wildfang howl.

A Day in the Life
Who: Emma McIlroy
Title: CEO, Wildfang

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