Reader Survey: Portland's Best Places to Get Groomed

Give props to your favorite barber or beauty maven in town by filling out our short survey and enter to win a luxurious massage.

By Eden Dawn September 2, 2014

Image courtesy of Flickr use Go Mainstream.

Finding the right hairstylist/waxer/colorist may be almost as important as finding the right significant other. You trust these people with your secrets (Me gray? Never!), your self-esteem, and your hard-earned cash. But how do you find that perfect grooming soulmate? Some do it through painstaking Yelp searches, some through location convenience, and many rely heavily on the trust of their friends.

So now is your chance to shout the name of your favorite barber and manicurist from the mountaintops. Fill out our survey before September 17 and enter to win a 30 minute massage with certified holistic health coach and massage therapist, Erica Blair

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