#DWPDX: What's the Secret of Designing an Experience?

At Delight 2014, industry heavy hitters consider the craft of cross-platform.

By Zach Dundas October 2, 2014

Ten years ago, it was called "Love at First Website." Now, Delight 2014,  a two-day conference organized by the Portland/Boston firm ISITE, embraces every mutation of "experience design." In a world where every entity must operate on mobile phones, desktops, tablets, and even—this is the tricky one!—the real world, that term is necessarily elastic. "We're looking at the experiences consumers have in every medium, across technologies, and how those integrate with each other and with offline experience," says ISITE's Katie Del Angel.

That sweeping brief is attracting quite the cross-section of thinkers to the sold-out two-day event at Portland Art Museum, which dovetails neatly with the panoramic events of Design Week Portland. From keynote speaker Golden Krishna (pictured), the senior user experience designer at Zappos, to Intel anthropologist Genevieve Bell, perhaps Portland's most compelling speaker on the interplay between culture and technology, the roster features representatives of many of the players shaping the way information and commerce are delivered and consumed. (Facebook, Google, Uber, NPR...)

"We have people from different industries and verticals, we have people who work within major institutions, like Harvard, and push for chance, and we have smaller, grassroots organizations," Del Angel said, citing charity: water. Participants like Simple and Umpqua add some of Portland's signature quirky wisdom.


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