Rejuvenation Hardware Launches Sparkling New Collaborations With Portland Artisans

The retro-design titan showcases three Portland craft brands—and why PDX is a better place to make stuff than New York.

By Eric Earle October 14, 2014

Rejuvenation Hardware launched its signature style—a blend of weathered historicism and modern aesthetics—in Portland in 1977. While the company long ago expanded to Seattle, Los Angeles, and Berkeley, this fall it reconnects with its local roots with a series of collaborations with Portland artisans: Caravan Pacific, Cedar & Moss, and Pigeon Toe.

The project focuses on handcrafted lighting, ceramics, and accessories for home and holiday. The products will be available in Rejuvenation’s stores (as well as online and through its catalog) today, October 14.

Rejuvenation vice president Alex Bellos describes the project as a realization of the company’s commitment to domestic manufacturing, with a distinct PDX twist. “Ever since I moved to Portland, I've been very impressed with small artisans,” Bellos says. “In New York, they could only make something for their coffee table. Here, if you have an idea, you can make a business, you can start a process—the ability to scale here is remarkable.”

“It really comes down to space,” he continues. “In New York, space is expensive and in short supply: if you’re just starting out as a maker or designer, you’re often confined to what you can produce on the coffee table in your studio apartment. In Portland, the space problem is much easier to solve. A person with a plan and a dream can go and rent a warehouse in North Portland and immediately have more space and flexibility to prototype, experiment and build their business. It’s also a really collaborative and open environment here in Portland – something that’s much easier to create here vs. New York.”

“Our vision with these products is to interact with our community, and use ourselves as a platform to help these local Portland artisans grow their businesses.”

Caravan Pacific Shannon Guirl, the owner and founder of Caravan Pacific, describes her collection as “clean and modern with a mid-century flavor.” She and her company have teamed up with Rejuvenation to design and produce a collection of mid-century—wood and ceramic—portable table lamps. “I wanted to create really well crafted, modern home goods with American history and design woven in.”

Cedar & Moss  Cedar & Moss collaborated with Rejuvenation to create a series of simple, fresh, and modern glass globe lights. The globe is half brass and half glass, designed by Michele Steinback of Cedar & Moss, and manufactured in NW Portland by Rejuvenation. The materials are from the United States. “They are brass so they have a bit of bling,” Steinback says. “They are just beautiful, I hope people fill their cafes or homes with them. They are noble and timeless and elegant.”

Pigeon Toe The collaboration with Pigeon Toe shows more seasonal bent. It includes holiday and Christmas ornaments such as gift tags, tools, and a tree-topper. “It's a masculine spin on holiday decorations,” says Lisa Jones, founder of Pigeon Toe. “We are taking something that is so grounded in tradition, and trying to find a way to bring that into the context of Rejuvenation. It's a different, fun spin on Christmas.”



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