We’re all about locally made goods in the Rose City. In fact, it's pretty hard not to be, as the town overflows with makers, designers, and aesthetically gifted folk. And now thanks to four fellas—John Connor, Paul Herring, Chris Elkins, and Bob Davis—you can walk into one store filled to the brim with only Portland-made items. With the new MadeHere PDX, the quartet used their diverse business backgrounds (including exec positions at Columbia, Mario’s, and Lizard Lounge) to create a store with a simple rubric: The designer must be making their items here, and they have to be good. With that idea in mind, the space at the corner of Tenth and Couch (formerly Powell’s technical bookstore) now sits as a gallery-like setting devoted to…us. Next to each design you'll find a placard about the vendor, while the no frills décor lends itself to focusing on the product, ranging widely from Hovercraft amps stacked against a wall to Oaks Bottom hand-forged knives with Orox leather backpacks in between.
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