The Portland-Made Solution to Your Vinyl LP Storage Dilemma

A local vinyl obsessive brings record-shop capacity to every music geek's living room.

By Kate Goodling December 30, 2014

For Tamar Berk, it all started with a lack. Or was it an excess? Mother, musician, and self-described “vinyl obsessed,” Tamar’s local start-up company Hi Phile materialized out of disarray. With no effective system to store her extensive album collection, she “was flipping through vinyls in a store and thought, I need this in my living room.”

Told that record store storage systems were built to order, heavy, and hard to come by, Berk fixated on the idea of bringing these units not only to her living room, but to vinyl devotees everywhere. A collaboration with designer friend Elijah Hadley and nearly two years spent fine-tuning finally brought forth a product that captured not only Berk’s record store inspiration, but was as affordable as it was original.

The result: Hi Phile Record Cabinets, a completely “no-tool,” self-assembled record storage system able to organize up to 600 of your most prized records. They ship nationwide, and bonus: meet Tamar herself when you order within 50 miles of Portland, through the new company’s free personal delivery service.

“I want this for the guy in Brooklyn who doesn’t have a lot of space and doesn’t want to shop at Crate and Barrel,” Berk says.


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