Design Hot Links: Coffee Via Wifi, Frankentomatoes, and More!

This week's ramble around the design-y web suggests that civilization is either reaching its zenith or about to crumble. You decide!

By Cervante Pope February 27, 2015

Photo courtesy TAKD Design

Around the worlds of home, garden, design, and style in five painless and fascinating links!

  • Gardeners! Never again will you worry about fries for your artisan home-canned ketchup. Welcome...Tomtato!
  • It’s already hard enough to get out of bed on those gray-skied PDX days. This wifi-contolled coffee maker (#INNOVATIONINNOVATIONINNOVATION!) will save us a few more comfy minutes.
  • Would you bob your head in bowl for beauty? You know you would.
  • At last: a sophisticated, sleek way to pop your bottles without scratching up the bottoms of your BICs.
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