Hot Design Links: iCars, Virgin's New Chicago Hotel, and...Tiny, Tiny Houses!

A quick spin around the design world takes in several of Portlanders' shared obsessions: Apple products, vicarious travel, and micro-living.

By Cervante Pope February 17, 2015

Photo courtesy Virgin Hotels.

Design fans, read and rejoice:

Step off your Virgin Airlines flight and cozy up in the new Virgin Hotel, Chicago. (Refinery 29)

As if your iPhone and iPad weren’t enough: iCar may soon be a thing. (Huffington Post)

As Vogue documents, New York Fashion Week got cold. (Vogue)

Three Oregonian families live in tiny, tiny places. (1859)

Yes, this is an office sleeping pod. What could go wrong? (Design Boom)

Not only is Big Brother watching you, he’s wearing you too. (Fast Company)

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