Local Lingerie Takes Over Portland

Couldn't get in to the sold-out Unmentionable lingerie fashion show? Never fear, we have all the runway looks here.

By Eden Dawn February 17, 2015

Designer Rachel Rector

Image: Beth Olson

On February 11, the Doug Fir stage—normally reserved for indie bands—became a walkway for indie undergarments instead. The packed-to-the-brim house featured an enthusiastic crowd that ranged from the young stylish set, to the fashion curious, to the dudes behind me who said, “We were walking by and saw lingerie show and bought tickets right away.” Together the mish-mashed crowd cheered on nearly a hundred lingerie looks from eleven local companies.

That group included some lust-worthy looks from known names Lille Boutique (velvet high-waisted panties? Yes, please!), and Rachel Rector’s signature chic color-blocked bra and panty sets, as well as some newcomers (with cute points awarded to Mowest Creations for booty flattering bodysuits and aptly placed heart appliques). Adding to the flair, jewelry designer Amy Fox of Iron Oxide showed beautifully intricate body chains hung over black bodysuits, Chubby Cartwheels brought the sex for the plus-sized set, and there was even models in airbrushed faux lingerie.

All in all, an excellent reminder that our fashion industry stretches far and wide and ladies can “get local” from the inside out. Want to see more? Behold our slide show of all eleven designers below.

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