Fashion Fun Storms April

From full-on fashion parties to stylish movie nights to First Thursday events, we have the calendar scoop for April.

By Eden Dawn March 30, 2015


Fashion in Film

In another round of The Hollywood Theater's Fashion in Film series, Saturday's showing is 1991’s coming of age comedy Don’t Tell Mom the Babysitter’s Dead. The Oscar-jilted film follows 17-year-old Sue Ellen Crandell (played by the one and only Christina Applegate) as she gets stuck at home for the summer with her four younger siblings as their mother jets off to Australia leaving the whole gang with a crotchety elderly babysitter. Once the sitter suddenly dies and the kids are stranded with no cash, but a summer of freedom, Sue Ellen fakes her way into a high up job at a fashion company to get by. Beyond the timeless quotes—“I’m right on top of that, Rose!”—revel in classic '90s fashion (including a backyard runway show!), and discover how to fake it in the industry like a pro (plus some warm, fuzzy family stuff).

Fashion in Film
Saturday, April 4, 7pm
The Hollywood Theater


Portland's Fashion Future

Join the final fashion conversation series (hosted by the Portland Art Museum), focusing on design here in this present moment, as well as a look to the future. Panel guests include Angela Snow, a longtime veteran of Nike who will speak on the infamous Swoosh and what direction it will take us. Additionally, we will be joined by Brit Howard and Rosemary Robinson, two gals that are well equipped to inform us of what exactly is happening with Portland’s burgeoning (or flourishing?) manufacturing scene as the owners of the ever busy Portland Garment Factory and the designers of PGF’s house line. Finally, who better to speak on the current frenzy of attention on our local scene than our own Project Runway champ Michelle Lesniak? Beyond her TV time, Lesniak is an accomplished designer working hard to remain in town as a small designer and can speak to the pitfalls and gains of that. Be part of the conversation for shaping the future of local style.

Portland Fashion—Now and The Future
April 2, 6–8pm
Portland Art Museum
Tickets $20, click to purchase



Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle at the Northwest's larget annual clothing swap. Just $8 and a bag of clothing gets you a whole new wardrobe (and raises funds for one of Portland's best fashion shows, Alley 33). 

Clothing must be clean, wearable, no holes, smell free. Items that are dirty or smell like smoke or mold will be turned away. Shoes and accessories are also fair game. Mimosas and cocktails will be available while you swap, so grab a gaggle of friends and make it an outing. The more clothing, the better the swap. 

Clothing Swap
Sunday, April 12, 11–3 pm
The Crystal Ballroom
1332 W. Burnside Street


Contributing party artist: Heather Ryerson

Betsy & Iya Hits 7

Beloved husband and wife duo Betsy Cross and Will Cervarich celebrate the seventh birthday of their company Betsy & Iya this week with a big bash for all. It's been seven years since Cross began designing jewelry in her tiny studio and to celebrate, they commissioned seven original artworks by seven female artists, and asked each lady to depict a pivital moment throughout the B&I history in her own unique style. They'll unveil these pieces at the party where they'll be for sale, with 50% of the proceeds going to Friends of the Children non-profit organization. Join the festivities.

Betsy & Iya 7th Birthday
Thursday, April 2, 6–9 pm
2403 NW Thurman Street 




Wildfang Turns 2

Every one's favorite tomboy shop turns two this week. Buy some discounted swag and toast the clever crew at their second anniversary bash on April 2. The party begins at Fort Wildfang with a storewide 15% off discount, free PBR and Union Wine, while DJ Natasha Kmeto spins before the whole crowd moves to the White Owl Social Club for a free concert Summer Cannibals. 

Wildfang's 2nd Birthday
Thursday, April 2, 7 pm
Fort Wildfang
1230 SE Grand


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