Brass Beauties: Seaworthy's Stately New Jewelry

Accessory designer Marisa Howard churns out another collection showcased in a new dramatic lookbook.

By Eden Dawn April 21, 2015

Maybe it’s her native Oregonian roots that make designer Marisa Howard draw towards natural materials. The self-taught designer chose her brands name Seaworthy for both the inspirations of the coast and the definition to be fit for sea or travel. And while her bold brass pieces are sturdy enough for travel, they’re also stunning.

The new collection—shot by local photog Nicholas Wilson—expands the brass empire by including adorned hair pins alongside earrings, necklaces, rings, and bracelets some with subtle hints of the ocean in the shapes.

“Kiya Collection is a modern expression of ancient adornment,” says Howard. “The pieces are meant to impart a quiet confidence in the wearer. A woman who knows how to be a serious badass without flaunting it. Just like the collection's namesake, the mysterious Egyptian queen, Kiya. “

Find Seaworthy at various shops around town (Animal Traffic, Lizard Lounge, Ped X, and Wildfang) and at SeaworthyPdx.com.

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