Open Season Night Three

Designer Lindsey Reif shows an entire year of minimalist women's wear on night three of Open Season.

By Eden Dawn June 18, 2015

Last night Rontom's sunny patio saw a parade of chic, minimalist womenswear running the full gamut from basics to warm weather looks, to winter. Designer Lindsey Reif, a veteran of Open Season, used the time in the solo designer spotlight to shine. Her aesthetic is one that always feels fuss free, but far from frumpy with pretty cut out details or open backs to add a little zing. Showing nearly 30 looks, her line of basics included cute and comfy looking bras and panties that could easily be swimsuits in the right material. The current spring collection stays neutral with simple silhouettes, often as separates for mixing and matching opportunities. But my favorite part of the collection? When winter comes we can look forward to something she calls "Swackets" (sweater/jacket combos). 

See the new whole collection in our slide show, and find info on the remaining nights of Open Season in our preview here.

Lindsey Reif 


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