Wildfang to Open Second Location in Former Martinottis' Space

Local shop Wildfang will expand to the West End this fall, adding to the local, women-owned business row taking place at SW Tenth and Stark.

By Eden Dawn June 11, 2015

Wildfang's SE Grand location.

After two years of Wildfang growing like mad, with star-studded viral videos and kick ass sports campaigns (their current inspirational #GameFace series of tween female athletes and Women’s World Cup-inspired tees have been plastered on the internet everywhere from Huffington Post to Cosmopolitan to Buzzfeed), the company is ready for the next step—expansion.

This week, Wildfang signed the lease for their second location moving into the soon-to-be-vacated Martinottis' spot (404 SW 10th Ave) in the iconic Pittock Building downtown. Those worried about an outsider moving into that spot can remain calm, we’re still keeping the corner of Tenth and Stark local. “There is a wonderful array of local brands and modern retailers in the West End and Wildfang is going to be a fantastic addition to this community" says Tom Bechtell, manager of The Pittock Building. 

Wildfang's current specialty tee for the Women's World Cup.

The exact opening date is TBA for sometime in the fall, but Wildfang CEO Emma McIlroy promises to bring some of the most beloved elements of the existing SE Grand Avenue store—known for its swing, carving wall full of customer names, and fort-style dressing room—in addition to adding some exciting new and surprising elements and experiences. "We are really excited to expand our local presence and open a second location in the West End, joining a community of burgeoning retailers and restaurants.” She says. "We feel very fortunate to have found a landlord who believes in us and believes in supporting entrepreneurs."

An exciting add-ons to a corner section that’s seen massive growth in the last year. Within a one-block radius of the new Wildfang spot Frances May expanded to a large corner unit. West End Select Shop opened in the winter with an inventory devoted to emerging designers from all over the world, while just last week Backtalk boutique opened its second location in that popular block as well. These are all additions to shops like Parallel and Radish Underground already there and going strong. All of these are local shops. All of these are women owned. All of that is awesome.

Now, can somebody say, “Block Party?”

*In true form to Wildfang’s party nature they’re hosting a Women’s World Cup viewing party at their Grand Ave location tomorrow at 4:30. Click here for details.

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