Portland's Biggest Interactive Design Event is Back (and Wants Your Ideas)

Content is returning to the Ace Hotel and, for the first time, is open to public submissions. Be part of the party!

By Eden Dawn August 18, 2015

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For the last five years every autumn the Ace Hotel turns into a veritable design wonderland with Content. Every room on the second floor of the chic hotel is filled with an onslaught of talent. Memorable highlights include Adam Arnold showcasing his clothing in a staged murder crime scene, Sword + Fern’s musical jewelry displays that lit up when you touched them, Emily Kat’s entirely macramé room, Imaginary Authors' magical bookshelves filled with little worlds of scent, and TBA’s Romeo and Juliet reenactment with shoes.

Now entering their sixth year, Content's producers are shaking things up a bit. In the past the rooms have been an invite only situation, but now they’re opening it up to the public. Have a fantastic idea for how to turn a room (within a few hours and leaving no permanent marks) into a conceptual paradise? You could be the one to entertain the hundreds of folks that stream through the hotel hallways in what is always the best design party of the year. That means no to just setting up your room as a shop to sell goods or give your Amway pitches—this is about fresh designers keeping this cool event cool.

Interested? Submit a one-page proposal for your room, what concept you will be working off of, and what viewers will hear/see/smell/taste/do. Send along any sketches, photos, or additional materials to fully illustrate your idea and submit the proposal to the front desk of the Ace Hotel by noon on August 31. Designers will be notified by September 21.

Not a creative but just love Content? Save November 14 on the calendar, and come prepared to see some new faces.