Cute Commercials for Socks?

Sock it To Me releases an adorable indie campaign of funny videos about, you guessed it, socks.

By Eden Dawn September 1, 2015

Sock It To Me socks have become as much a presence in Portland as the ubiquitous airport carpet. Silly mustaches poking out from beneath a business suit? Yup. Kiddos feet covered in purple unicorns? You got it. And the fun loving nature of the eleven-year-old company has sparked a fan base that stretched worldwide with stores from Portland to the United Kingdom.

Founder Carrie Atkinson credits her core values of “work hard and be nice” for Sock It to Me's recent spike. In the last three years the company has tripled in size ballooning from 9 to 30 employees and from $3 million to $9 million in sales revenue. 

In celebration of their success, and because they clearly just like to have fun. They’ve released an amusing campaign showing the power of their socks. Behold.



SuperGreat Ian Kennelly - Director / Producer Sam Membrino - Director / Producer

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