Once again the crew at Wildfang have their fingers on the pulse in a way like no other. Take a stroll along Tenth Avenue downtown and right at the corner of Stark, lo and behold, you’ll encounter a display to knock your socks off. At the site of the brand-new/still-setting-up Fort Wildfang, a massive window display of Portland’s Iris Apfel, the one and only Glenda Goldwater, in a tee that reads “Flawless” looms large. (Side note: If you admire Glenda Goldwater as much as I do read our interview with her and join the Glenda Goldwater is My Hero Facebook page.)

The campaign of five badass women all wearing suits from the in house line along with inspirational tees, is another link in the chain of Wildfang’s forward-thinking ads. We don’t need to always look to the newest star on the scene for what’s cool, let’s look to the women who paved the way of cool for decades. In the same vein of forward thinking, Wildfang has also announces their new shop will contain a Portland retail first—an in house bar. Specifically, White Owl Social Club is opening White Owl West inside the new Wildfang. The 15-seat bar will serve up canned adult beverages—think tallboys and sakes—inside the shop with seats to sit and stare out the window, dreaming of how to become more like Glenda.

Wildfang West
404 SW 10 Ave

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