Our Designer Picks for FashioNXT's Runway Shows

Four nights of fashion shows take over the Pearl next month. Here's who we're excited to see!

By Eden Dawn September 15, 2015

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Designer With Song. Image courtesy of FashioNXT.

Has it already been another year? It hardly seems possible since Portland whipped out its highest pairs of stilettos and tottered down the streets of the Pearl to FashioNXT’s tents, but it’s true. Come the second week of October, the city’s fanciest fashion show brings back a wide variety of designers from all over the world to show off the goods. 

But with a giant list of names (some familiar, some not), how do you know which show is the one you want to plunk down cash for? Easy—we’ll tell you. 

China Moment 

WHAT: Last year’s night devoted entirely to designers hailing from Shenzhen produced some of the most beautiful cohesive collections of the entire week, and an evening filled with pomp and circumstance as dignitaries, politicians, and fashionable people mingle together. 

WHO WE'RE EXCITED ABOUT: Designers listed are Ellassay and With Song, if they’re as good as last year’s Shenzhen group, it’s well worth it. Plus! Opening night fanfare! 

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Image: Yi Yin

Emerging Designers

WHAT: This night is a personal favorite as it contains the Emerging Designer competition. That means a host of young designer battle it out for a host of prizes (including a feature written by yours truly.)

WHO WE'RE EXCITED ABOUT: Myriam Marcela (talented winners of last year’s competition) will debut a new collection and the new crop of up and comers looks really dang good. Also, a surprise return from former Portland designer Devonation!

FRIDAY, 10/9
Mixed Bag

WHAT: Friday night has a varied bunch with both locals and designers from afar (including celeb designer Walter Mendez). 

WHO WE'RE EXCITED ABOUT: As always we love our local gals the most. I eagerly anticipate new looks from Wendy Ohlendorf, once an Emerging Designer candidate who’s now come into her own. Additionally Michelle Lesniak consistently puts on one of the best shows at FashioNXT and I expect her to impress as usual.

Mondo guerra sq5n1p

Image: Lifetime

Project Runway 

WHAT: A night full of Runway heavy hitters.

WHO WE'RE EXCITED ABOUT: It’s a tie. While not my favorite on his season, Viktor Luna has grown leaps and bounds as a designer growing every season now outfitting stars like Laverne Cox and Ruby Rose with bold, edgy outfits. On the flip side, adorable Mondo Guerra (who’s been one of my favorite interviews to date), brightens every runway he’s part of.

For ticket information and full lineups, head to If you’ll recall some of my grumpy past blog posts revolving around the behavior of some FashioNXT guests I’ll just remind you, if you’re going there to get wasted and get in everyone’s way, stay home so the actual fashion lovers can see the show. Plus, it’s cheaper!

October 7–11
Station Place NW 9th St & Northrup Ave.
Pearl District
Doors at 6 pm, shows at 8 pm

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